Guitar or Bass

All ages and abilities


1/2 hour- $25

1 hour- $50

Skype, Zoom or Facetime lessons also available.

Ryan is available for private music lessons for both guitar and bass for students of all ages and abilities. You will learn in a stress-free, relaxed environment with a tailored curriculum to meet the individual goals of each student.  Fill out the form below to get started!

In your preferred music genre, you will learn: 


  • Basic open chord voicings 
  • Strumming patterns 
  • Chord progressions and transitioning chord shapes 
  • Major/minor Pentatonic scale patterns 
  • Soloing using the Pentatonic scales 
  • Barre chords 
  • Proper guitar tone


  • CAGED scale patterns 
  • 7 patterns of the major/minor scales 
  • Alternate picking 
  • Basic triad chord shapes across the fretboard 
  • How keys/chords function and writing your own chord progressions 
  • Playing in different keys 
  • Analyzing songs/chord progressions 


  • Seventh chord inversions across fretboard 
  • Chord voice leading 
  • Adding extensions to chords 
  • Seventh chord arpeggios 
  • Soloing over chord/key changes 
  • Economy picking 
  • Fingerstyle technique 
  • Hybrid picking technique 

And much more...